A simple productivity app to manage multiple projects

To do list and notes in one spot.

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I love the cleanness of the interface and found it to be quite calming, even if there were outstanding tasks demanding my attention! In fact, the clean and uncluttered design is my favourite feature of the app. Highly recommended!

AJ, user since early 2021

Extremely easy to use

One spot for your to do and notes

No more saving your notes in different software and on paper. Access your to do list and notes anywhere you have a browser.

Separate by projects

Don't mix your projects. Keep them separate so you know where you're up to for each project.

Keep focused

Minimal distraction so that you can focus on your to-do lists and refer back to your notes.

Optimised for web and mobile

Simple Area is a Progressive Web App - meaning you can install SimpleArea on all devices. For more instruction read here

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