Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many productivity and project management tools out there. And let's be honest, this app may or may not fit your workflow.

So, who is this app for? Simple Area is for you if...

  • You like to keep things extremely simple
  • You need to be on top of several projects at once
  • You prefer to access your to-do list through the browser
  • You need to organise other project related information in a simple way
  • You want to be able to export their files if they don't want to use the app anymore
  • You want to support Indie Product

I have been developing this app myself.

SimpleArea is currently free for everyone. And there will always be a free option.

Later this year, we will be introducing paid membership option. Paid members will have access to unlimited projects, customised themes, file uploads and more features. It will always remain affordable.

We will also be introducing a "team" membership option where businesses will be able to share projects.

Try Simple Area today

  • 100% free to get started
  • No credit card required
  • Direct help from the founder if you get stuck